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A guy goes to a whore house and walks up to the attendent. He says "I want a woman who will just lay there so I can just fuck her all night." the attendent says "Ok sir, just go up stairs and go into the first room to your right and you will find a woman there who you can fuck."

The guy leaves and goes to the room. Laying on the bed is a hot looking blond chick.
The guy takes off his clothes, jumps on her and begins to fuck her. He does it everyware, on the bed, on the walls, sideways and all over the floor. After a few hours of intense fucking, white liquid starts comming out of the woman's mouth and nose. The guy panics and runs out the room to the attendent. The guy yells "Oh my god, I fucked her so hard that I think I killed her!" The attendent says "Just a miniute sir. HEY, THE DEAD ONE'S FULL ALREADY!"

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Tags: whore house woman bed blond chick dirty

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