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10 Reasons Why Fat People Rule!

I really don't understand what the skinny fad is. WHY does everyone want to be the same size anyways? Who wants to be able to see your rib cage? I have, for anyone fat and full of love out there, created a list of 10 reasons fat people are cool

10. Fat kids (the vast majority) know what it's like to be put down, so we don't judge on looks. We're all about the person inside, cuz we know how it feels to dislike the outside.

9. If you are a fat kid lost in the woods and you're with Skinny Sally, SHE'S gonna die first Why? Cuz you have more warmth from your layers Rock on, fat kid

8. Once you have accepted that you are fat, eating is completely carefree Devour a cheesburger Chug that milkshake Plow through that pile of fries, becuase FOOD IS AWESOME

7. It is much more likely that if you are fat, you're gonna have boobs and an a.s.s. It's just the way it works. Alright

Anyone with comments or questions email me at kcajevilgnol hotmail.com
6. Repeat after me: fat kids will win every fight. Seriously, who's gonna mess with the fat kid? And if they're truly THAT ignorant, who's gonna BEAT them?

5. You immediately become the muscle for your friends that aren't as big as you. You're a hero

4. Fat=Tough. Tough=Instilled fear in those around you. And THAT = a great deal of RESPECT Hah

3. Jack Black is fat...he's like the coolest guy ever. Not to mention funny man extrordinaire Chris Farley (RIP Chris, we miss you) was fat. (Nobody competes with Chris Farley. Sorry.)

2. For all you know if you think you're fat, you might just be thick. And recent surveys show thick is SEXY. ;)

1. This last reason's kinda just my own, I have met so few un-cool fat people, fat people are the reason Dunkin Doughnuts and McDonalds are still in business, fat people make the world go 'round.

Like I said, the first step to loving it is acceptance...
...My name is Alyssa, and I am a fat kid

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