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10 dollar note that affects the world

To the average person, that would be nothing. Just 10 dollars. The amount of money people use to have lunch.

10 dollars can buy takeaway but at least 100 lollies?

With over 1/5 of the worlds population starving, we wouldn't even stop and think that giving 1 dollar a day would ever work but it would.

That one lollie could stop one persons hunger in the world. That 10 dollar note could help a child in need in another country.

Although most families come first, what about those who don't even have family and don't have food or a school to go to?

Having to donate money to charity but the sooner the world realises that 1 dollar a day makes a difference, the sooner that 25 percent of the world being in hunger turn into 0 percent.

Help people in need, think before you act and put anthoner in need before yourself.

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