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Bajan Perfume

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An elderly Bajan lady is in an elevator in a high rise apartment building in New York, going to visit some relatives.

A beautiful young white woman gets in smelling like very expensive perfume. She turns up her nose at the old woman and says arrogantly, ""Giorgio, Beverly Hills, $120.00 an ounce.

The elderly lady with a deadpan expression says nothing.

Another young and beautiful woman smelling expensive, enters the lift, turns, looks down her long pointed nose at the old lady and says "Chanel No.5, Paris, $200.00 an ounce."

The lift is now filled with the aroma of the magnificent scents of the combined perfumes.

One floor later, as the Bajan lady approaches her destination, she quietly eases out a long silent burst of gas, which quickly overpowers the combined expensive perfumes and leaves the two women with water in their eyes.

As she steps out of the elevator, she turns and says "Breadfruit, Barbados, 36 cents a pound."

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