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Photobucket MySpace Virus Warning

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Photobucket warning
there is a virus on the internet that is now affecting your photobucket account. It starts off as a myspace comment on your page. The comment says exactly this:

lol have you seen these pics yet? Im suprised her myspace didnt get deleted yet for posting pictures like that.

Do not click the link that follows. What happens is once you click the link it captures your cookies on your machine. Once it does that the virus waits for you to log into your photobucket account and will delete all of your images and videos in your account or it will post nude photos on your entire friends list.

If you see this, do not open the link, simply delete the comment and tell your friend that their account has been phished. Let all of your friends know. A few of my friends have had this happen already. Repost as: photobucket warning

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